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kessler.vogler 23. Februar 2024

«The sudden economic downturn changed the situation on the labour market dramatically from a just-in-time approach to a just-in-case approach making flexibility a tremendous opportunity for a fast recovery.»

– Dr. Marius Osterfeld – Ökonom, swissstaffing


«The hybrid work model – a combination of remote and office work, allowing employees to work independently and being more flexible while still having the possibility to come to the office when needed or desired.»

– Lars Brändle – Senior Consultant Flex Work, kessler.vogler


«A central trend that we expect to see post-Covid is the rise of the ‘liquid workforce’: agile, adaptable, highly-skilled talent communities comprised of traditional temporary workers, contractors, freelancers and other gig workers focused on value-add, output-based, project-related work. While these labour categories have existed for quite a while, 2021 will see a clear move towards strategic management and deployment of this liquid workforce, underpinned by technology to enable visibility, talent sourcing and analytics.»

– Beatrice Kohler – Workforce Management & Technology, Pontoon Solutions


«As contracting offers a better work-life balance and  flexibility to choosing projects or the salary, more permanent IT-employees want to switch to contract models. With the option to work remotely, the contract model is a very attractive work model for IT experts.»

– Parastoo Shajan – Founding Partner & CEO, 2parse.it


«A regular 9-to-5 likely won’t fit into the pandemic work environment , the remote business requires a different skill set, where asynchronous communication through a variety of channels is the norm.»

– David Galeczki – Director Strategic Procurement, Julius Bär


«Independent professionals – contingent workers, not permanent employees – will have more choices when it comes to selecting the clients they want to work with.»

– Miriban Hoti – Specialist Strategic Procurement, SIX


«In 2021, with the probable economic recovery, the demand for external workforce should increase sharply, which is always the case after a crisis, as companies do not immediately have a clear visibility with regards to the strength of the economic growth. Companies therefore favour flexibility at short term.»

– Robin Gordon – CEO, Interiman Group


«In these times of rapid technological evolution and global uncertainties, a flexible and virtual workforce will gain more importance across all multinational industries.»

– JJ Schwarz – Founding Partner & CEO, APC Flex, APC International


«Delivering added value beyond savings.»

– Derya Bastas-Roesch – Strategic Procurement Manager, PostFinance


«In an increasingly fast-paced world with constanly changing requirements, it is inevitable to continuously review the supplier base for current and future needs.»

– Monty Hänni – Consultant Flex Work, kessler.vogler


«Strategic Workforce Planning aligns talent strategy to company strategy and means the ability to manage current and future requirements, identify, source and make available the needed competencies and upskilling and reskilling the talents with data driven solutions!»

– Gianni Valeri – Country Manager, ManpowerGroup Switzerland


«External workers are also increasingly being used in the non-tech area, and the gap to ICT contractors is noticeably closing.»

– Emanuel Kessler – Founding Partner, kessler.vogler, 2parse.it, APC Flex

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