Recruitment and
workforce consulting

As a specialist group, we advise and support you when managing individual recruitment projects, devising recruitment strategies and dealing with the subject of the external workforce. Trust in our sound knowledge.

Recruitment consulting

Are you planning to set up a new strategic business unit or team? Do you want to establish a talent acquisition desk (internally or externally)? All these tasks involve a great deal of effort with quite a few hurdles along the way. We are on hand to give you provident and goal-oriented advice. After jointly working out your project goals, we sit down together to define the specific strategy, which you can then implement yourself or in cooperation with external partners.


The strategic employment of external staff

We will give you information on all matters related to employee leasing, from market-compliant prices (rate cards) to the advantages and disadvantages of managed service programmes (MSPs) or vendor management systems (VMSs). How can you manage internal processes as efficiently as possible and delegate tasks while staying in control of the budget? One thing is clear: nowadays, ‘just in time’ is a maxim to which you must also adhere when it comes to the recruitment of external employees. So let’s talk about these interesting and important matters!


Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is a topical, important and widely debated subject in the recruitment of employees. The overarching aim is always to attract the best and most suitable talent and successfully integrate these people into the team. We help you to meet both requirements. The statistical gender diversity of all our placed and leased employees speaks for itself.


Would you like a free initial consultation?

Would you like a free initial consultation?

It would be our pleasure. We cannot wait. Just pick up the phone. We look forward to getting to know you.