Employee leasing

As Switzerland’s leading non-tech contracting employee leasing company for the banking and financial services sector, we supply you with highly qualified professionals on a contractual basis.

Temporary expertise for you and your team

Our fast-moving times and the fluid employment market are making it ever more important to employ external specialists on a temporary basis. To make sure that your company can maintain its usual high standards, even during hectic periods, we provide quick and easy help with temporary professionals. As a result, you don’t have to deal with time-consuming HR work and can concentrate entirely on your core business. We completely adapt to your preferred sourcing process and are experienced in working with HR, line, procurement and MSPs. In recent years, this has enabled us to successfully support various clients in a wide variety of matters, projects and initiatives.


Regulatory and legal projects

Complex compliance requirements have been a particular challenge for the financial services sector in recent years. Whether involving a ‘white money’ strategy, client upgrade projects, AML initiatives, client reviews, new products or MiFID matters, new legal scenarios constantly place demands on existing resources and require the acquisition of additional knowledge. We will help you and can call on a large network of experienced people with a legal background as well as compliance experts.


Takeovers, integration and wind-downs

Consolidation has gathered pace. Against this background, of course, new needs have also emerged. When it comes to acquisitions, support is frequently needed in the area of compliance and client screening. Meanwhile, company closures are coming up against resource bottlenecks because key employees are finding a new job ahead of time, despite attractive retention packages, while the company process is still ongoing. We are ready to give you personal support during these fraught, intensive processes and provide the required resources to suit the planned timeline.


Start-up, transformation and digitalisation

We live and work in an age characterised by change. Banks and insurance companies are also constantly examining their business models and actively responding to the new, dynamic needs of their customers. After all, in order to position themselves successfully on the market tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, their products and services have to capture the zeitgeist. Agility is therefore also needed when it comes to resource planning. External employees such as PMOs, business analysts and project managers are essential. We can help you in this regard – with precisely tailored and ‘just in time’ solutions.


Replacements, new roles and deficient headcounts

Perhaps the most original purpose of contracting involves finding replacements and additional staff members in the event of absence due to illness, accidents, holidays or seasonal bottlenecks. While in the past employees were mainly in demand for casual labour, today there is hardly any role that cannot be temporarily filled by external workers – across all hierarchical levels. Regardless of whether unforeseen circumstances or deficient headcounts are the cause of your acute staffing needs, we will quickly find the right solution for you.


Do you need temporary professionals?

Do you need temporary professionals?

We have them. Get in touch with us – we will take the time-consuming HR work off your hands.