Payroll services

Have you already been able to identify suitable employees for your company? Excellent. It goes without saying that you want to use their knowledge and expertise to your advantage as soon as possible. If a direct appointment is currently not an option, we act as a reliable payroll partner to employ your staff members externally.

Professional support and processing

An internal appointment is not suited to every role and every situation. Deficient headcounts, time pressure, the outsourcing of risks or even easing the workload of your administrative team are just some of the reasons that can speak in favour of an external solution. This approach is often also particularly worthwhile for fixed-term appointments. As your payroll partner, we appoint the employees identified and selected by you in a quick and straightforward manner and take care of them throughout the entire period of employment. We handle all contractual details and oversee the onboarding process as well as all salary administration tasks.


Your contact person in the area of payroll services.

Your contact person in the area of payroll services.

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