Try & Hire

If you are actually looking for a permanent employment solution, but cannot or do not yet want to offer a permanent position, then why not opt for our ‘Try & Hire’ solution. This will allow you to remain flexible and hire suitable staff on a trial basis to begin with.

Hiring on probation

Whether deficient headcounts, time-consuming approval processes, uncertainties about the long-term nature of the position or the suitability of a person, there are many reasons why you cannot or do not want to offer a permanent position. Whatever the reason, our ‘Try & Hire’ service represents an attractive solution. We recruit the staff you are looking for and lease them for a specific or indefinite period of time. As soon as the situation on the employment solution becomes clear, you can take on the staff on terms agreed in advance.


Exactly what you need?

Exactly what you need?

Don’t delay. We will be happy to get started right away and find the optimal, flexible solution for you.